Prompt: Happy Birthday!

When you’re stuck, one way to look is to the birthday of your main or secondary characters. Is it in the summer, or the winter? Does it reflect their personality, and if so, how?

Who comes to the party, or do they even throw one? Is someone else throwing the party for them? Party favors, location, more characters. Who’s closest to who, and does everything go on without a hitch or is it a test in Murphy’s Law?

There are a lot of possibilities here. Consider what you might need more work on. Do you need to work on your transition from descriptions to the plot? Or is the real devil in the dialogue? Consider too, are you doing this for word count, or to push yourself? Do you want to make plot progress, or is it simply filler?

Remember not to hold back: lay it all out on the line! Without risks, there’s no gain, no matter how small it is.

While you’re at it, share with me what your go-to solutions are for breaking writer’s block, I’m ever curious.

-The Novice Wordsmith

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