People Watching

Last November, on my way back from Utah, my friend put a challenge up for me about people watching, since I’d be sitting in the airport for a couple of hours with nothing to do but write and wait. I put people I saw into my novel, the main characters talking to each other about where they thought these people were going, when, if they were in a rush or not. It occupied me enough that the time I was waiting for my plane flew by (pun intended) and by the time I finished, it was about time to board.

Of course, it’s not just when you’re traveling that you should be people watching, and even eavesdropping, or so said my fiction writing professor a few years ago.

These people can often become inspiration for characters in stories and novels and what have you, look at the world around you and see what’s going on. Take notice, give your attention to the detail. This is especially good if you need the inspiration, just let it take you somewhere.

Today, on my way out to California, I’ll be doing the same thing. It’s amazing the stories you hear and come up with from total strangers.

– The Novice Wordsmith

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