I was going to write this post last week sometime. It was going to be giant and filled with a lot of good information, but I realized today I wasn’t ready to write it after all.

Failure, in its own full glory, is something awesome and fearsome at the same time. It is the most powerful thing that can happen to you in any direction. What happens when you are faced with it is entirely up to you. As the saying goes, it is not what happens to you that matters, but how you choose to react to it.

When it comes to creativity above all, we are in a constant state of learning. Someone who is just learning can find just as much of  a lesson in someone whose made their life about that craft, as a seasoned veteran can from a new artist. It’s about perspective, in the end, and how you see what surrounds you. To fail, in writing, in drawing, painting, sculpting, whatever your medium (read: artistic drug) of choice is, is to see what we did wrong, and to move into doing it right. But it takes time. It takes effort.

A drawing you made when you were 12 will not look the same when you draw it again at 25. Such in the case of my first “original” story, which I am still in the process of re-writing. In this, we learn what details we need. We develop with the characters, and we become someone else just like they do.

All in all, failure is growth. It is not falling in a ditch you cannot dig yourself out of or being cast into an endless sea. It is being put in those places and learning how to climb your way out, to success. By failing, we find out how to succeed after all.

In my experience, I’d say that the hard way to learn something is the best, because it sticks with you the most. You’re not likely to forget what brought you such clarity on what you did wrong, and how to do it right.

-The Novice Wordsmith

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