Under Pressure

The day’s challenge is influenced by something that happened this morning, that I was not expecting.

Think about the last time a main character was forced into a decision that had a lot of priority. What happened? Did they bow to the pressure or did they stand their ground? What was the final decision, and why?

Especially think about how they react when they are under pressure. Are they experts at handling the extra weight on their shoulders, or do they shudder and stammer and sigh and quiver under it? Are they knee-jerk reactors who will say no or yes without thinking about it, to be left alone or not to go through hassle, or because they like the up front appearance, or do they truly consider every piece offered?

One final thing, what were they being pressured about? Was it financial? Physical, as in not working out enough, or was it emotional, that they were being challenged about their love for someone? Why is it happening, above all? Is there a lot of pressure, or just a little? Are they the ones putting themselves through that pressure, or is it someone else?

There’s a lot to consider, but seeing a character under pressure can help tell what that character is like.

-The Novice Wordsmith

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