Update: Not so much Camping

I spent the past six days here in California, soaking up the sun and the heat and the beauty of the land, and I’m just in reach of my 25k goal, with 325 words to go. Mostly, because I’ve been so much more interested in everything else than writing. I’ve had a lot of learning and lessons on this trip, but the writing mojo has been limited because of everything else there is to do.

I have another several hours of travel ahead of me tomorrow, but I’m not sure how much writing it’ll help me get done. Really, we’re kind of at a stand still, where we need to do joint chapters (which feel a lot like roleplaying sometimes), but we’ve been so much more interested in all sorts of other activities to make much headway. Not to mention, he’s had to do work, there have been a lot of naps after coming home from a whole day in the heat, and then there is my need to run at this elevation and without all the humidity.

Still, overall, it’s good for me. I’m ahead of the curve, and this is the first time that skipping days of writing hasn’t super squicked me out. So, progress. In one way or the other.

-The Novice Wordsmith

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