Camping Update: Rolling up the Sleeping Bag

I got an extra day in California, and with it, we banged out the last of our goal wordcount for the month. We sacrificed finishing watching a movie, but we had finally found a really strong rhythm for writing that we were having a hard time with the entire week and didn’t want to let go. So we didn’t.

I may not have gotten much sleep because of it, but it was very worth it.

My 3pm flight on Friday got knocked because the plane was having mechanical issues, which I’m grateful for, really, and while I could have taken a flight out at the same time at a different airport, there was no way I was gonna make it. Honestly, I rather liked having the extra time with him and a couple other friends.

So, the 7:30 am flight out the next morning had to do, which was fine, and very productive, because I got a lot of writing done in the span of four hours. I think I knocked out about half of the chapter I was working on, which ended up being just over 4k words altogether, and got an idea or two out of my head and into RTF.

Unfortunately, my next chapter afterward has been stalling for a bit, and we’re being faced with the fact that we strung out the story long, so we may not finish this month. Which is funny, because before, we were having trouble not solving the mystery too quickly.

Technically now, we can hand in our wordcount and get winner’s validation in return, and the temptation to finish the month’s story out slowly is creeping up on us. We still have seven days left! And to be honest, I am quite enjoying it, even if it means I have a giant sized block on the rest of my other writing projects.

Either way, I can’t wait to see what the last week has in store for us!

-The Novice Wordsmith

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