Dare: Get Out

This is inspired by something I saw on tumblr at 3:30 in the morning:

(Yes, by the way, I love being specific. It raises so many questions)

Your main character, or a secondary character, contemplates getting the hell out of dodge. Either they enjoy travel, or they don’t. Does it become more about taking that preferred route of travel, the charm of the road or being 30,000 feet above the giants that are called hills and mountains and seeing all of the workings of the land?

Where do they want to go, and when, and why? Is there someone else there? Does thinking about it inspire loneliness or a fiery attitude? And can they go, or are they held back by monetary means, or is there a different limitation?

Last of all, do they actually go, or are they stuck where they currently are, just fantasizing about leaving everything behind to get to where they want to go? Do they hesitate, second guess, or is it known that they can’t do it?

May the wanderlust be with your characters (or not)!

-The Novice Wordsmith

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