Fabulous Furnishings, a Prompt

One of my favorite things to do when I need something to occupy myself is to check out home decor on Pinterest. Bear with me, this is going somewhere.

I’ve written before about little prompts that you can challenge yourself with when your creativity is running low. This is one of them. The first was birthdays, something simple, relying on other bits and pieces to get some creativity flowing and taking it easy, more or less.

Pick anyone in your stable of critters, and map out what their home looks like. Have they done a bunch of DIY projects, and did those turn out well, or poorly? What kind of home do they like, a big, spacious one, or a smaller one that’s compact and easy to clean? Are they neat, or is every piece of clothing on every imaginable surface they own?

How about this, too? What kind of place do they want, versus what they have? Is the character someone who wishes to be neat but is actually clumsy, lazy and messy? Or are they too anal about appearance within the home, who has yet to figure out that they should relax a bit?

Go wild. Check out pinterest or tumblr or reddit, get inspired, or try to find something that fits the images in your head, and set yourself to work on the home.

Happy hunting!

-The Novice Wordsmith

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