Prompt: Unleashed

Whether rational or irrational, we all get angry, but what happens when we’re pushed to our breaking points?

Put a character in this position. What does it take? Who or what finally gets them over the edge, and what happens when they go over? What kind of person are they when their controls, their calm and their understanding is thrown to the wind like the caution of their aggressor?

Consider what kind of situation they’d have to be in. Is it a combat scene, with magic or with blades, or is it a discussion that turns badly awry? Does it highlight their skill and ability, or is it an exercise in futility and failure?

Think about everything, your own experience, movies, video games, television shows, books. Nine times out of ten, when the character “unleashes,” it brings them a win. You get egged on until you can’t stand it anymore and then let loose the fury of a thousand suns. On the other hand, there is that rage and upset can blind. Suddenly, the character is just going for motions or shrieking because they can.

Another fun thing to think about is if you have characters that avoid anger and temper, instead opting to curl up and go quiet. Shutting down instead of letting loose.

Whatever extreme they go to, make it happen, see what their reaction is. After all, even the creator can be surprised by what their characters do.

-The Novice Wordsmith

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