Quick and Messy

So I had all day to draw up a post that I had in mind, I was going to use Mondays for the NaNo Prep stories/posts, but I was way too excited all day for that, apparently.

I’ve been struggling with writing fiction lately, and it’s kind of hurt my wordcount the past week or so, but I think I’m finally managing to get back into it because all I wanted to do today was write.

I can also safely say that I’ve been embarrassing myself since yesterweek, so that feels great… And I got patronized by someone at the deli today. Oh, but on the bright side, I have a new, awesome tea pot, and my laptop is finally back from repairs! So I’ve spent the better part of the night getting my things back together, downloading, installing.

In other news, I do have a post in mind. I will write it, and I’ll probably end up making Tuesday Nano Prep day, and then Thursdays will be update for Nano during November, which, my posts may thin down during then because of the writing load.

Though, I was thinking about it, and kind of worried that the NaNo stuff would be boring or annoying to others, because I am honestly not sure how many of you will actually be participating. Thankfully enough, the posts I have in mind can also be used otherwise, so as not to be exclusive to the event.

Any questions or comments are greatly appreciated, let me know if you’ve got something on your mind pertaining to future posts and things!

The Novice Wordsmith

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