Dare: Elemental

In both the worlds of the zodiac and magic, everyone has an element that identifies them. Fire is feisty and bold, daring, Water is calm and tranquil, thoughtful, Earth is grounded and level-headed, wise, Air is unpredictable, playful, but soothing.

Go through your roster of characters. Is each one an obvious element, or are some more apparent while others are subtle? Is there a hero that feels like one element but embodies another?

Don’t stop there, consider the elements a little deeper. If you don’t believe in the zodiac, refer to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Other than simply their personality being directed by the sign/element, what is their preference for magic? Do they like being out near the bonfires, turning on the fire place, or would they rather spend the evening out on the balcony watching the rain? Maybe a sprawling forest is more up their alley, or is it when a storm with heavy winds is taking over that they feel most alive?

Or is it darker magic that they would seek out, in the blood and flesh of necromancy? Are they manipulators of nature, or of humanity?

On the other hand, is there more than one element involved, or are they singular? Are they a warrior type void of signs, or do they dabble all over in each element? Let the forces of nature (or flesh) take you on a journey.

-The Novice Wordsmith

4 thoughts on “Dare: Elemental

  1. This is really neat, and something I’ve been toying with in my own fantasy world. I have 8 gods and goddesses (one male and one female) who represent each of the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. It’s still something I’m toying around with and working on though.

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      1. That’s the extent of it really. There’s been some toying with the idea of theologies behind some of the gods and goddesses and their interactions with mortals in that world, but beyond that? Nada.

        I’ve spent more time on the storyline recently instead of the mythology. It’s feeling more and more overwhelming, but I know it will be worth it.

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  2. Just take it bit by bit and it should be okay, I think, but I know what you mean by things seeming so intimidating. Even if you backburner the mythology, it’s still something you can go to when you’ve got the inspiration for it, or when you’re having a droll day for the storyline.

    If anything, you could always look at the other theologies around the world, ancient and new, and see if there’s anything that sticks out for you.


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