Prompt: Rant and Rave

Inspired by something that happened today, because grouching about something helps you feel better, right?

Someone in your roster of characters has something to say. They have something going on that’s been bothering them, maybe they can’t talk about it, or it’s just too personal to tell to someone else about. It’s angering them or it’s festering into something that will become a problem. The point is, some situation is going on that they have an opinion about, and that opinion can’t be spilled.

Put them in a situation where they can, whether it’s to a stuffed toy or the heavybag they’re practicing their boxing on. Let them let it all out, get physical, get loud, get angry, go on for a while, get breathless.

Make sure to note how they feel afterward. Did it help at all? Do they see things differently now, and did it help them to ask different questions? What does it do for their development, or doesn’t it? Is it just an amplifier for a helpless feeling, do they just feel more trapped?

One other thing to note is, how often do they do it, or how often does it need to be done, to help them cope, and does the affect ever wear out?

Let them loose on what’s going on, don’t hold back, and see how far it takes you, or them. After all, what’ve you got to lose? 😉

-The Novice Wordsmith

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