Prompt: In Review

In spectacularly predictable fashion, this prompt is dedicated to looking back at the past year. Also unsurprisingly,  this is one of my favorite things to do, to see how much I’ve changed and any improvements or if maybe things didn’t go so well.

Hit pause and step back, look at things now. How many new characters did you introduce this year? Did you kill anyone off for good? Relationships have come and gone, and plotlines come in just the same, but what was the most exciting, surprising part of this year that opened up to you in your writing?

Your writing in general, has it gotten better? Have you published something or started publishing, or maybe you’ve gotten a following on your self-publishing, on Amazon or Wattpad?

Look over your shoulder at the past year, regard it, and pick out what you liked and didn’t like about it. Everything you finished and some things you let hang, what  you tried to accomplish and couldn’t manage, or never got to. All of the different stories you wrote, the challenges you took on, and what you found to be your best work of the year.

A year is a long time, but it can feel like it goes by so quick, and either way, so much can happen in all that time.

When you’re done looking backward, look ahead. Figure out what new goals to set for yourself this year. How far do you want to push yourself? What needs improvement? What needs to be toned down? Most of all, where do you see yourself in a year in terms of your writing?

Next week’s prompt won’t be as predictable, but I hope you enjoy this one anyway!

-The Novice Wordsmith

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