Prompt: Double Dare

I want to point out first that the intention isn’t to say that you need to do both, just that there’s two here when normally there’s only one! Though that’s not to say you can’t if you want to!

New Year’s focused: Write a story where each of the notable events of 2014, big and small, make an appearance somehow. You could be walking through town, a favorite hero could be talking to a friend or co-worker, or it could be a reflective piece. The goal is to highlight your previous year and look back at everything you did and that happened.

Non-New Year’s focused: Figure out something you would never do, and then write someone ( a character on your roster or someone else completely random and new) doing that. Do they like it? How much different is their experience from how you would encounter it?

Happy writing and, of course, happy 2015!

-The Novice Wordsmith

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