What’s a Novice Wordsmith?

The Novice Wordsmith is a blog from an unpublished author, about the road to publishing, lessons she’s learned along the way, tips, tricks, prompts and dares for your writing, as well as revelations or an outpouring of thoughts that she may have.

The author in question is Kat King, she has enjoyed writing since she was young, and is in her late-twenties. While getting published is something she strives for, her main goal with writing is to learn and enjoy, and to improve as she goes along, to be a better writer with better understanding not only for the literature arts but for life in general as well.

She struggles with the fear of failure, faltering confidence, and the desire for success as it compares to her desire for enjoyment of writing. It seems that she has quite a lot on her mind, but she worries that her more recent writing circles the same issues.


This picture is over six months old but it still works, and, I believe, captures my personality rather well!


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