Hey! Where’d You Go?!

I’ve had a lot more absence lately, but rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about this blog! I still intend to update it, but I’m not going to be nearly as strict or frequent as I was. Friend and I will be sharing the load, he still has some things in the works that he intends to continue writing for me, too.

I’m still here! Not to worry!

Edit: Mostly, I’m back and a little more frequent, but I’m not posting as often as before. I still do so, just when the fancy strikes me, which looks to be about once or twice a week, depending. Friend is still around, too, but considering his workload, may not post for a while. The same goes for him, only posting when he’s inspired, but with extra stress there’s a dampening of inspiration.

So, hi. <waves> Feel free to stick around a while!

Edit 2: I’m back, officially, but I post much less than before. I post, mostly, as much as I like, when I like, though I try to keep a good flow. Sometimes I forget about things, but I’m adamant about keeping the site up and running. I’m doing what I can to be more active.

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