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Your Novel: The Film

So I have just enough time to write something in before I leave to spend some time with friends, but I wanted to make sure I said anything because I won’t be able to post until late.

Today, as my only full day off, was a good day for me to go see a movie, and, as par for my big, imaginative, fantastical brain, I obviously had a bunch of really crazy thoughts about novels of mine getting turned into films, and how that would look, how I’d want it to, and what kind of things they’d do right that I would approve of.

If that hasn’t crossed your mind before, let it. Think about it. What would you want it to look like, how do you see it coming to fruition? How do you see your characters looking, who would play them?

I remember getting into little frenzied conversations with friends about actors and actresses who would play our MCs and why. It’s something that makes you think, considers how your character comes across and what they sound like. It’s another step in personalizing them, taking them out of the fiction and giving them life, quite literally.

Though now I realize that if you are a screenwriter, you’re probably thinking about this a lot more. Who the role fits, was it made for a specific person or is it versatile, what a scene requires, where you want it to be shot. In that case, consider it being illustrated. If you didn’t have to worry about the conventions of actors, and instead the art, what style would you want it in? Is it colorful, or is it drab?

It’s fun to just let your mind wander, consider things that may or may not ever be, just because. If nothing else, it might motivate you to work on other mediums of creativity like painting or drawing, or photography.¬†Whatever it is, don’t hold back.

-The Novice Wordsmith