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Dare: Endangered

Chances are that you have a slew of characters. They’re mostly good, some of them are chaotic, others are just downright hellish. Or maybe they’re all one way or the other. Whoever you have in your stable of mains and secondaries, this dare is for you.

Consider yesterday’s post about voice, then think about who of your characters would be most likely to get themselves into a huge mess, one that may threaten their life because of tangling with the wrong people. Is it a gang? An occult that they tried to get in good with for information? Maybe they made friends with someone or got romantically involved because they thought the person was innocent at first?

Then, think about how they would get out of it. Do they know how to make people disappear? Are their skills based on financial persuasion? Depending on the universe they’re in, are they magically inclined, or do they have the tools to take someone out easily or with some effort?

Finally, does the threat end there, or does it follow them in some way? Psychologically, subconsciously, or physically? Does the person or people threatening them before come back to haunt them? If so, how does it truly end, and who comes out on top? Is the night or day of danger something that stays with them, keeping them from sleep, or was it something they could simply shake off?

I suppose this also ties in with the suspense post I made the other day, and putting your characters in danger, but making sure not to put them in situations you don’t like, or that they can’t bounce back from. Making it look like they can’t, but giving them an ace up their sleeve. Which also ties in to yesterday’s post about voice; thinking about what choices they have or what they would be capable of.

In the end, it all ties together. However intentionally or not.