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People Watching Part II

Another part to traveling is getting to know the people that you’re seated beside. On my way out here, I got to meet two very friendly, interesting people, one who works for Boeing as an overseer in their software department (not sure on the title), who worked his way up from a mechanic position, and the other who works for a portable classroom company, who was coming back from a trip through Europe.

There’s a second part to People Watching because the first was simply about little things that influence your writing in little ways, because I feel like I wasn’t understanding the task at hand as well. This is a deeper thought of, “how would this person be as a different character in your story/novel?”

You meet new ideas when you talk to someone to pass the time as the flight goes, or the train. Someone who speaks like it’s the easiest thing they’ve done since breathing, or someone who doesn’t care for the idea of marriage. They’re strongly political or they’re more easy going.

Of course, with the first post, if you see someone remarkable, in the way of their body language, a visible tattoo, or just something about their overall appearance. The two people at the help desk who are obviously flirting with each other but aren’t with the same party, the mother of two who butts her way into every conversation, or the sales person who doesn’t take no for an answer.

These people have potential. Let the knowledge and views of them influence you if they make an impression on you.

– The Novice Wordsmith