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Prompt: Tea Time

Tea and reflection have gone together for as long as I can remember. You sip something herbal or green, or maybe oolong, while you ponder the ways of the world. It is a way to get you to pause and enjoy something warm and flowery, or strong and uplifting.

Whether you’re feeling creatively drained or need to figure out where to go next with a character, or just want a new avenue to explore, setting someone down with a mug of tea, wherever it may be, is a surefire way to provide a change of pace.

From fast to slow, the teacup and the hero connect like old friends, if the tea is taken slowly. Taken more quickly, it can mean restlessness or irritation.

Give your hero time to think, delve into their thoughts and the inner workings of their mind and let them wonder and wander. Is there progress that comes of this, or is it simply absent thought that winds and winds and winds?

Is it a kind of tea that they love, or is it something new, from a friend or family member or lover? Is it a first experience for them, and do they hate the taste of tea, or love it?

In the end, they can find an answer in the leaves, or ignore them completely. What will your hero do?

-The Novice Wordsmith