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It’s been a more sparse week than usual, so I wanted to apologize for that, but I have news and some upcoming things happening!

In an attempt for variety and exposure, a couple new items will be added to the posts. I’ve been wondering how to do this for a little while and I think I know what I want to do now. One of the regular posts will be a follower/followed spotlight, for those blogs that are writing based, and some that aren’t. Which, another reason for this, is to vary up what I put on this blog, and to give more than just advice and prompts.

I want to be a font of knowledge, but I got worried that I was being too narrow and limiting myself by only writing posts of what I encounter and not taking from the already wide world of information that’s before me. That comes in the form of other, more successful bloggers (in many senses), and their own experiences, so I would start doing some reblogging as well, which I have always been very apprehensive about. It feels sort of like a cop out, but it is genuinely about expanding the blog.

So, actually reblogging things, and giving a showcase of blogs that I follow or of those that follow me! Also likely that I’ll start posting on Fridays again. Pending how busy the week is for me.

I am enjoying not having to write 1700+ words every day, though, and being able to take a short break from heavy duty writing feels good. I did manage to hit 50k on the 26th, but kept writing, albeit slowly and not as much, until the 30th. Like I said in an earlier post, I rewarded my struggle and efforts on the last day with a massive chocolate cupcake that was way too decadent and rich but so delicious.

I will probably never have one of those again because holy crap that’s unhealthy, but I was glad to indulge. Pictures were taken to document its enormity, even! I’ll put those up soon because cupcake. As soon as I learn how to resize them…

As always, if you have questions, comments or suggestions, they’re all welcome! Thank you for your patience with me this week!

-The Novice Wordsmith

Camping Update: Finale, also known as “Can we get to 50k anyway?”

In the beginning of this whole thing, my friend and I decided, for the sake of his sanity more than mine, that we’d focus only on getting to 25k, and collectively, 50k. The plan was, don’t strain yourself. If you miss a day, no big deal, you have a lot more pressing engagements anyway.

We did miss a few days. We skipped days altogether where we couldn’t get up any inspiration or were just more interested in watching movies or running around Calaveras county and doing whatever we wanted. I had days where I’d write 4-5k easily, and he couldn’t get the chance to write more than the 800 or so daily wordcount. We allowed ourselves to relax and not fret about it at all.

And then he finished all of his pressing work and we had three days left with 10k past our goal and we were suddenly eyeing 50k.

“We could do it if we pushed,” he said.

“I’ve written 10k in a couple days before,” I agreed.

And then suddenly it’s July 31st and we’re pulling prompts and ideas to write about from every which direction we can just to pin down wordcount. It’s about 4:45-5:00 p.m. when I realize, he has 47k and I have 43k. He was behind me before he finished his work and now he was kicking my ass like he was teaching me the meaning of it. Not to mention he’s got two hours on me.

So now it’s 11:45, and I’m at 45.5k words, and I’m okay with that. I wonder how much of that was my personal thought of, “I can’t do this,” though, but to be fair, I had dragged myself in deep with being as wordy as possible about everything my MC was encountering and it was dragging me down something fierce.

I will say that I’m kinda glad for July to be over. I think we might finish the story out anyway, afterward, but it’s kinda hard to tell. I’m ready to jump back into other projects and lose myself in the other different ideas and sprawling storylines and the new ones too. Speaking of, he and I had just picked up another story and finally got running with it, so that bodes well.

That story is my first foray into being the “dungeonmaster” of a joined project, so it is providing to be an exciting challenge.

Anyway, all in all, winning Camp Nano with soaring colors this time around, and it feels good. Now the countdown for NaNoWriMo begins!!

-The Novice Wordsmith