Websites for Wordsmiths!

On this page are sites that I’ve either shared before or have really wanted to share. As you can see, there’s a section for helpful sites, for research and looking at word choice, prompts, name generators, etc, and then there’s a section for not so helpful sites! Obviously, the not so helpful ones are games or they help kill time or generally, they’re just really fun, awesome things.

Helpful Sites

  • /r/WritingPrompts – A subreddit that is dedicated to writing prompts, image prompts, and challenges. If you’re stuck or need inspiration, or if you just feel like writing, do it! Even if you just want to read and check out some of the responses. This subreddit is one of my favorite places, though I don’t post much on it. The power of community brings out some incredible creativity.
  • HabitRPG – I swear by this site. For some, like me, it works wonders. For others, it falls short. If you are someone who works well by incentive and loves game concepts, then this is the site for you. You have tasks and dailies and habits to do, like chores and things you need to do more or less of. This site is perfect for helping you get things done, getting something on time, remembering things, and motivating you to do things you typically neglect. It is also pretty fun, and there’s communities everywhere, found by the Social tab, through the Tavern, and different Guilds!
  • Fantasy Name Generator – Speaks for itself. Lots of possibilities here, specification for short names, long names, nonsense names, Chinese, dragon, etc. Also, this one does not just spit out one or two or five names,  but gives you a grid filled with names! I used this for a while.
  • And then the Random Name Generator came along. – This one is for more real-life based names, if you want something less fantasy, and something that you might encounter in day to day life. You can even adjust the rarity of which you’d hear the name! Perfect, especially for side characters.
  • Speaking of side characters, Appearance Generator is a great tool for which to create them, too. – This comes up with bits and pieces about the appearance of a character, depending on how vague or specific you want it to be, and can, by your input, give you smaller, quirky bits about the character if you need. Not just for side characters, but if you need a push to get you thinking about what you want a bigger character to think about, as well, this is an incredible tool.
  • Map Generator – For those who are looking to create world maps but don’t know what they really want it to look like just yet. Hit the random button and then make a map! This can help you shape what you want your world to be like, after getting a visual of it.
  • E-plans – Floor plans! On a smaller scale than the world, of course, for when you need to figure out how you want that character’s home structured! There are millions of possibilities in this, pick your desired stories, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even a style to go with.
  • Descriptive Faces – This helped me a lot when I was having trouble with describing faces and what I wanted eyes to look like. I was challenged by one of Friend’s prompts, which suggested I write a character’s description well enough to be able to draw them. Wanting to go all out, I stumbled across this gem.
  • 21 Places to Take a Nap – This is more image prompts or ideas for interiors of houses and places to escape to. If you ever need to find a wild place for your characters to go, this might be perfect.
  • More Earthporn, but this time, DOORS! – Same premise as above. Prompts of their own, creativity in any way typically breeds more creativity.
  • Pilot Call Signs! – Though it’s better used for stories and novels that are military minded and you need some inspiration for what to call someone– which, pretty much anything goes–  this can help if you need code names or an idea of what to call a character if they shouldn’t be using their real name.

Super Fun Sites

  •  /r/foodporn – Straight to the pictures. If you need something awesome to look at while being SFW, this is your place. It also inspires food creativity, and makes you think you can make super difficult foods like macarons, to which you realize, that’s a whole lot of prep and steps and time and effort and you give up by the time you get to the store.
  • Weave Silk! – Relaxing, comforting. Just keep going, draw whatever comes to mind, make a masterpiece or a mess!
  • Rain for Me and Rainymood – More relaxation. Combine it with music for some real comfort!
  • Tone Matrix – On the list of things I think I could do forever, this is at the top. Maybe combine the rain apps with this, it’s great. Experiment or just do whatever.
  • and, as a basic rule, of course – These are my top two places just to sit on and kill time, to help my head unwind and get me thinking about other things if I need a fresh look on an idea.
  • Such Weather – Need a weather report but tired of the same old boring radars? Look no further! Such weather! Much wow! Temperature!
  • Time at your own pace, KXCD – This was something  I came across a while ago, when someone turned the comic strip into a gif and I sat there for probably ten minutes just watching it. Being able to see it at my own pace was much nicer, but I love what they did with this.
  • See How Much you Color – This was shown to me by my sister one day and it is as frustrating as it is addicting. Obviously I had to share it.

I’ll be updating this as I go, but I wanted to make sure I got this out today because it was on my mind while I was sorting bookmarks. The fun sites will probably, hopefully, grow, as I comb out more of the addicting little game sites I’ve come across that have eaten up hours of my time that should have been spent writing. Cough. As I encounter sites I like for usefulness or just general fun, and I feature them on the blog, I’ll put them up here, too!

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